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Nexus Values is a specialist value strategy consultancy passionate about supporting the identification and communication of value in healthcare – helping the best options reach patients.

Our ambition is to make a real difference in society through:

  • our expert-led high-quality solutions that meaningfully identify, frame, and communicate the value of your product
  • our collaborative and supportive work environment that allows our team to thrive and grow their unique skillset
  • our support of charity and community projects that grow solutions to today’s problems

We work across the product lifecycle, and with a range of clients including biotech, mid to large pharma, medical device developers and consultancies.

Nexus “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things”, “a central or focal point”

The value strategy itself connects a series of drivers into a powerful network worth more than the individual pieces, and drives the activities surrounding launch to optimise access


Nexus Values was formed in 2021 by Ebony Samuels and Michael Tang.

As leaders in value strategy and value communications, our aim was to develop a consultancy to partner with you to optimize the value strategy of your assets.


Over 25 years combined experience in health economics and outcomes research, market access planning, and strategy implementation. This includes leading and managing teams with recognition for high-quality, efficient delivery.


We focus on providing expert-led solutions through several key areas of value strategy:

  • Identifying value
  • Framing value
  • Communicating value


We believe that the centre of a successful market access strategy is the value of your product. This value must be understood and framed in a way that can be communicated clearly to allow for optimal treatment access by patients.

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