About us

Our name represents our expertise. Nexus means “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things” as well as “a central or focal point”. We believe that the centre of a successful market access strategy should always be the value of the product, and that this value must be understood and framed in a way that can be communicated clearly.

The value strategy itself connects a series of drivers into a powerful network worth more than the individual pieces, and drives the activities surrounding launch – evidence generation and external communication.

We have designed a market access consultancy with a deliberately different approach; with only experienced team members we offer senior-level experts for all stages of your strategy and value communications activities.

Our executive team

Ebony Samuels

With over 14 years in market access consultancy, Ebony has extensive experience across a range of areas relating to value strategy. This experience spans the identification of value through designing and moderating internal workshops and conducting landscape assessments and literature reviews, through the framing of value via value story/key value message development, gap analysis and evidence generation planning, to communicating value in global and local value dossiers (including AMCP dossiers), internal training, and payer tools.  

Ebony was previously the Vice President for Value Strategy at Parexel, providing strategic insight and technical leadership, and has been responsible for the development of industry-leading best practice approaches and innovative solutions for many years.

Ebony is passionate about the importance of a strong value strategy to optimise patient access to effective treatments, as well as supporting community and charity projects.  Ebony began her career in consultancy at HERON Evidence Development after completing a BSc Hons First Class in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience followed by a PhD in Psychopharmacology, both at the University of Nottingham. She also holds a PCert in Health Economics for Healthcare Professionals from the University of York.

Michael Tang

Michael has over 13 years of experience in HEOR and market access consultancy, specializing in value strategy. He has expertise in value story and value dossier development, cross-functional evidence generation planning and implementation, and facilitating live and virtual value strategy workshops across a wide range of therapy areas.

Michael is also experienced in new team development, training and management as part of the senior management team, including previous role as interim head of US Pricing & Market Access within Parexel. Michael is passionate about developing an integrated evidence generation and value strategy plan from early drug development to optimize and avoid delayed access to effective treatments.

Michael has a BSc Hons in Biomedical Science from Kings College London, University of London and a PCert in Health Economics for Healthcare Professionals from the University of York.

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